Attempting to Understand the Experience of the Embodied Feminine Woman

As a woman seeks to expand knowledge of her true feminine self, she may run across a concept known as the embodied feminine woman. If this sounds intriguing, she can learn more about it from information by life coaches such as Giordana Toccaceli at, who has this concept as a main focus of her guiding principles. It can be confusing at first to understand exactly what the concept means and the positive effects it brings about.

A Life-Changing Transformation

Through the Embodied Feminine Woman Institute, a participant can feel like part of a supportive sisterhood while also acknowledging the importance for her of finding a soulmate or enhancing an existing romantic partnership. The strategies learned through coaching and immersion in the process bring about a transformation that is truly life-changing. A woman can use the new awareness and changes in herself to make great strides in the goals she wants to achieve.

Exploring and Experiencing

This journey helps women explore, celebrate and reinvigorate various aspects of their femininity. They learn how to better feel and express different facets of themselves, including the spiritual, creative and sensual. New friendships forged in this process can be some of the deepest, most meaningful relationships the women have ever had. In addition, they have the chance to enliven their old friendships that are still vital to them after many years.

Relating to the Natural World

Many women find a new understanding and bonding with the outdoors. They relate to nature now as a feminine source of life. Even when they are back inside or in a very urban setting, they bring that sense of the natural environment with them. Blooming flowers, flowing water and new life is everywhere.

Describing the Experience

When women try to describe the experiences they have through this type of coaching, they may sound a little over-the-top to others who have never participated and don’t even know what the concept of the embodied feminine woman is about. They use words like luminous, empowered, lush and magnetism. They are learning how to take charge of their lives and embrace their feminine spirit with open arms.

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